*Kathy and David Music

I perform with Kathy in the "Kathy and David" duo.  Contact me to have us perform for your special event.  We play all kinds of parties, and not just religious events!   We have a few CDs out and the short snipits on the left are from our "Journey" Cd. The snipits on the right are from our "Reflections" Cd.  You can now do a digital download of either of these Cds below for only 8.99!   If you have any questions, contact me with my contact form on the "Kathy & David Christmas CD" page.  

 Songs from "The Journey" CD

Surely the Presence


Kevin's song

Hear me now

He touched me


                              "still here......SQUIRREL!!!!

Songs from "Reflections" CD

The Rose

Oh God what you do

Stay a while

Where are you now

They can't take that away from me

                                   DIGITAL DOWNLOAD
                                    DIGITAL DOWNLOAD